Saturday, March 7, 2009

More... and yellow!

I'm on my way to make some scones on this lovely (though rainy) Saturday morning- so I'll be brief. Did you think I had forgotten about the Month of Tea I had proposed? No, I was simply off and about putting the finishing touches on the finishes... and starting the starts! First, last week's Tea Time design might just look sweet with all the different colors I pair it with- I was excited to sell my first set (woo!) and also to get some photographs with these buttery, delicious yellow envelopes.

Oh, the color yellow! I seem to be re-discovering this color as the light here changes and signs of spring really take off. Or maybe its because we are surrounded in baby toys- so many of these are yellow. What could it be? Oh well, I love to fall in love all over again with color, color, color as the days get longer and sunnier! The newest originals in the shop start pouring in today with Margaret here. After the success of the One of a Kind Valentines last month, I'm thrilled to offer more teeny tiny art in the shop.

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