Saturday, April 25, 2009

finding time

Now that our parents are back home, the end of April marks another oppertunity to take stock, focus, and resume work. I spent much of today printing up a large order of 60 + cards in hopes for new accounts around town, then the cutting, scoring, and packaging of those cards (as well as some Etsy sets). In an effort to see the results of my month of strategy and scheduling, I set a date at the beginning of April to report on the progress of my shop throughout the month. I'll post that tomorrow, as well as the usual family post that's been coming out Sundays.

So here we are trying to find time again. I'm branching out into sewing, using some of the Gocco prints of Knitty Otter. Having a hobby to entertain myself is a comfort. I feel good to be practicing, working up to the macchine and then from there into having a new craft. It feels as though I'm spending more and more time on the computer, so something as simple and primitive as sewing warms my heart after hours of looking at a screen. I'm hopeful this is a harbinger for a more organic season for me, slowing down, with projects flowing one to the next and a renewed feeling of centered peace.

I listed the second Knitting Otter shoulder tee in the shop today. There are 4 altogether, the next two being "seconds" (or slightly mis-inked versions), not including the one I made for my nephews. I decided to photograph MNJ in the Otter tee (SL was napping) that is a replica of today's listing, using a ball of yarn as a prop, and entered into being one of those Etsy sellers with their kin modeling wares. MNJ had different ideas, of course, so although I didn't get much of the actual shirt, the two of us had a good time playing with yarn, sunshine, and the camera. The shirt is cotton, 6-9 months, with brown Gocco ink. The one for sale has no sweet potato on it, I promise. :)


mushroommeadows said...

such cute pictures!!! :) sounds like you're busy, but having a blast! :)

korin said...

Good lord. that last picture almost killed me dead.