Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lucky Number 9

And the winner is...
Wow, my Random Generator picture came out really big. Hey! Our lucky winner is catinanapron, otherwise known as Marne!
(balloons falling)
Marne is the brains and talent behind Cat in an Apron, mama, craftypreneur, and blogger. :) Yay, Marne, thank you so much for the support!

Thank you, everybody, for such a marvelous turnout, to my friends who spread the word, and to those lurkers who left comments for the first time here on I will totally be doing these more in the future, it has been a huge confidence builder. As you know, I'm a weekend worker, so coming home to read your comments before bed was super sweet. I've got *big news* to announce tomorrow, and because of it some fun new things coming into the shop during the best month ever: my birthday month of June. Thanks again for making the weekend pretty darn special, too :D


Celeste said...

congrats on your first giveaway!!

Savannah Mayfield said...


korin said...

woo hoo!!