Thursday, June 4, 2009

Knit Knews

Here comes another weekend, and with it I'm seeing a pattern emerge to my posting. It looks like the early days of the week, while I'm home, I'm getting the creative work done then listing, blogging and Facebook updates around my weekend work schedule. Funny it has turned out that way, but any post when I'm talking about spending days in creative output is a good one, yeah?

My exciting news I had suggested last week is that my knitting notes are going to appear on in their June issue! I'm thrilled about the venue, even though in the knitting world I'm barely a novice knitting is still a major part of our experience, conversations, and the twins' standard gear. It has yet to be published, but I'll surely be blogging again when it hits.

In preparation, this last few days have all been devoted to getting Knit Kitty and Knitting Otter back onto clothes and cards. C helped to get new Gocco screens, burning the first fresh prints since 2008. I've come up with two new logos for Gocco prints and have been testing mixing my own colors entirely since Larger than the Sky's blue was such a success. Our friend K let me borrow her fancy schmancy camera so hopefully I'll be cutting through the overcast and getting some brilliant shots of all this work up for the weekend!

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