Friday, May 1, 2009

stay at home Aunt

Gocco silkscreen printer surrounded by newsprint, bib, bottle and... balloon

Welcome May, a new month, the doorway to a new season, and the month before my 31st birthday. I'm working pretty hard at finding a job, so my apologies for the lack of news otherwise. I've also been taking a long time between posts because we've been incredibly busy since our parents left.

Both C and I, in regards to our businesses, have been doubling and tripling efforts to put time into our work. I feel as though some balance has been struck between my shop's production (printing, cutting, packaging, shipping) and the household chores, between spending time with the boys and time spent job hunting. I'm feeling positive about the transition into work, too, but will miss being a stay at home Aunt. I've been home almost around the clock for the remarkable, breathtaking shift from infant to baby. From held-in-our-arms through winter's end to this exploratory, ever-changing stage with so much independence. Okay, I'll save this subject for another post or I'll be writing all afternoon. (wipes tear from eye dramatically) But seriously, although I'm ready for this chapter to close because of the larger picture, the larger picture also shows me how lucky I've been to witness that transformation. :)

recent print session for Butterfly Skies

In between the events that have been going on this past week, I have found a few times to come back to the Gocco and work on my stock. When I said I was stepping away from Etsy, what I meant for the beginning of this month was that I would not be checking in as much, and saving money on re-listing. I'll still be bringing new stuff into the shop all month long, and look forward to those updates, but I tried a re-list blitz last month and didn't really make sales. Right now I'm hopeful that increasing my Gocco products will not only bring traffic back in but provide me with stock for the rotation of craft fairs this city has to offer. Plus, you know, it is practically my very favorite way of making art. ;)

Other projects I'm hopeful for this month involve working more with fabric, though really I have to resolve giving some time to drawing every single day. That's pretty rough right now. I'm looking forward to meeting new people, seeing the friends I've already made, and continuing to explore the area now that the sun (sometimes) is out and the riot of color, petals, green has come to town. People of Portland bloom right along with their surroundings this time of year and the things to do around town get particularly exciting. Right now we are having a severe thunderstorm (I'm typing vigorously before suspected power outages with the soundtrack of thunder) with hail and wind. Reminds me of autumn back home, which I always miss when there is a season to season shift. Welcome May and all the adventures to come!

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