Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm not such a fan of the heat or humidity of summer, but I am of everything else about it: nature, food, being outside in the world, sunlight, water, flowers, dresses, travel, cookouts. The local Farmer's Market has opened up just three or four blocks away from our house, so Sunday mornings have taken on a whole new exciting tone. Our friend K is back to making jam, the boys have been to the ocean once already and will doubtless be there countless times when C brings them to visit their grandparents on Cape Cod, and I am craving watermelon like you wouldn't believe. Summer!

We've been trying more vegetarian recipes lately. With the abundance of fresh local produce this time of year and my on-again, off-again work schedule, we've been buying in arm-fulls and trekking home to cook two or three meals all in the span of an afternoon, freezing them, sometimes with fresh bread or scones thrown in for good measure. The boys have been joining us in eating big-people food these days... boy can those kids eat! Any suggestions on whole food recepes you like in the summer?

ooh, fresh fennel's pretty pattern.

Did I forget to mention? There's a SALE going on over at ouou for the 23rd and 24th only! I'm thinking about retiring the original art again until winter, so pop by and check out the sale. Also, I'm heading over to Alberta street tomorrow night, June 25th, for Last Thursday, too. If you are down there after 5 p.m... keep a look out for ouou's table! I'll probably be the lady snacking on some delicious watermelon.

ACEO sale! Down from $13 USD to $8.00

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