Thursday, June 11, 2009

update: Knitty

Wow, I just hit 300 posts on my blog!
It feels good to sit down to write here tonight. I've been working odd hours at work, and around those work days quite a bit has changed in my own shop in a short period of time. This has been refreshing, as though new life has been breathed into ouou, but it has not left me many hours to work on and I've missed it.

I had been working on some new Gocco around the knitting designs in prep for's June release... its been published!
Check out ouou Knitting Notes in the "cool stuff" section here!

Puuuuurl Moleskine Notebook printed with Gocco (above), and Bundled Up (below)
back in ouou until C opens Bamboo Village Press back up.

the most recent color versions of Knit Kitty and Otter
(these are sold together in a set of 2) with my own mixed Gocco inks.

There have been so many new listings in the shop, as I said I feel like the experience has been refreshing. My sister C and I are playing around with our swank new home printer and she's helping me sew some new craft items, too, so I feel as though energy is flowing back into the creative process. I've yet to get good photos of my exciting two color Gocco cards, those will be released in the next few days. Also, I promised news about the fate of my first print run of mixed sets, so you can expect I'll be better about blogging this weekend.

Until then, friends, thanks for the comments and I hope everyone is enjoying their June!

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