Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I am so calm!

(following last night's groggy post)... When we talk about tea around here, 9 times out of 10 we are talking about sedatives. Plain and simple. Look at all that "relaxing" tea!? Sleepytime is certainly a staple around here, and we are stockpiling. ...obviously.

One of these days we will have sunshine again, and new photos of recent drawings will go up. Promise.

I also promise to cut down on my use of EXCLAMATION POINTS! in my blog posts. Etsy has a lot of EXCLAIMING! involved in it, and I admit: I got hooked. What can I say? Its been a very exciting time. I'm just going to make my blogging mind a nice cup of... hmmm... maybe some chamomile? and let those EXCLAMATION POINTS! just melt away in a blissful bubble-bath of calm. If there is ever any question as to whether or not I am super-psyched? Just remember I still use the expression "super-psyched".

And what, you ask, am I super psyched about today? Well, part of that "big supply shipment" I spoke of yesterday came in today- chock-full of mailing excitement. (that was rough, not to exclaim that, but I made it.) Not only do I thoroughly enjoy mailing things anyway, but we have been printing on some of our shipping envelopes lately, so theres more Gocco to go around too.

I may just make it to 50 sales by Friday. Friday is my month anniversary on Etsy. The thought of that is just incredible to me. I will be falling off the EXCLAMATION POINT! wagon that day, you better believe.
...But I'll go to the gym the next day. So its cool.

Anyway, the fun part about doing well on Etsy is that I can expand there sooner than I thought. In the treasure trove of mailing supplies was the absolute gem of red envelopes, I am excited about offering those with the fiesta of love designs that will hit the shop January. I have been playing with the idea lately of mini cards since my shop is already set up around adorableness. In forums today someone said they give bookmarks away with every purchase. Oh, the places OU'll go!


noricum said...

I love the irony in that title. ;) I must admit I'm a victim of blogging-incited exclamation point use. I try to cut back, but it's a disease, I tell you! As are ellipses...

Banana-head Pancake said...

Thank you for sharing the Femputer treasury with me! I just had to look at your blog because your work is super-wonderful and it makes me scream with delight and cuteness. Maybe not scream in the literal sense, but I think you know what I mean. :)

xo Lauren from LocalLibrary on Etsy-land

Celeste said...

I love seeing your take on OUR CALM LIFE! We really do stockpile the calming teas, don't we?

It's also awesome to see the reception you're getting now that you're getting your work out there for the world to see!

love ya, sis!

Laurie said...

Tea is all well and good, but you bring solace of the concentrated kind and that means the world to me. Love you too, sis.

always young at heart said...

mmmmm...my girls and tea. Makes me want to cozy up with a cup, a warm blanket and a good book.