Thursday, February 7, 2008

Let It Snow + Sofie Brings Spring!

Hello friends! Things are finally gaining some momentum over here at ou central, today has been a day of heroic printing, printing, (and spur-of-the-moment) printing!

The very last of the tag printing (and some envelopes TBA) are these charming Snow white and blue sweets. Had to get these in the shop as the very last of my winter-wares. I'm printing oodles of these so that I will have some tucked away for next winter. It may be over 60 degrees (and sun beginning to appear) here in Bizarro Weather Land, but I always did like snow.

We just brought in a new 3 color print, Sofie and Bird, this time in card form. The technique here is a little different, instead of the balancing of several screens as in Married to the Sea, these cards are just a one-screen process with fingers crossed. Thus, it was an extremely short print run.

Sofie ushers Spring into the shop, making today a sort of ode to this winter's weird ups and downs. The moment I first saw the brilliant green of the vine in this print, I became really enthusiastic about the upcoming season's work. And, even if it is snowing... isn't that reviving feeling what Springtime is all about?

...other than Cadbury Mini Eggs?

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