Friday, June 5, 2009

many thanks, Mister Fishy

It all started with this fish.
Weeks ago, C and the boys and I went for a long walk and ended up at FuBon, the local Asian market. The day was pretty remarkable, actually... after picking up some groceries we ducked into a sweet restaurant next door, sat down to noodles for the first time with the twins, had a riot watching them try new flavors! But while we were still in the grocery we saw this package and I caught a quick snap. I think its not only the design itself, but the navy and orange really captured me.

you can use some photocopy inks, but to avoid misprinting
I hand draw all my own Gocco screens.

As I said, then I heard from, purchased new Gocco screens, and have been cranking out new prints ever since. But, aside from re-printing Mr. Knit Kitty and Otter, I kept thinking back to that wonderful fish package. How to get that same combination!? Below is an example of one of the fixes, finished after mixing a darker blue than the RGB that Gocco inks come in. Now that I'm mixing my own ink colors, I can't believe how long I lasted last year using colors straight from the tube. I also tried my first two-color that I'll share tomorrow, along with where these little orange beauties are going now that they're all packaged up!

Knitting Notes kitty in navy on orange.


Amy Perrotti said...

Like your little knitting kitty! Thank you for sharing your process.

noricum said...

Your knit kitties sure are adorable! It's interesting to see how you achieve your varying-width thick lines too!

*colibri* said...

i LOVE yer drawings so SO badly! :D

drinking in the morning sun said...

they are fab. its strange where i get my inspiration from sometimes!*