Monday, April 5, 2010

Big Projects (and changes)

We've had some significant changes around here since I was last blogging (November?) in EiB, but many things remain the same: I'm still in Portland, still working full time (thankfully), still living with my sister and thus immersed in the growth of her twin boys, and still drawing.

Or, actually, I'm able to draw every now and again, which I can't say was the case last year. :}

Its now 2010 and spring here in Oregon. I'm writing from a rainy day, the boys are napping, the house is calm and breezy, and all around us I see the results of many efforts myself and my sister have been working on in order to prosper through creativity. We've been through some hardships this winter, and neither of us yet feel the periods of grace that come after a lot of hard work.

However, I have been away from Etsy for some, hmm, 3 months, and in that time have focused so much energy on bringing my shop, its appearance, and my products to a higher standard. I work in a downtown card shop and letterpress studio by day, so the influence of working among artists, watching customers react to cards & images including my own, and generally having grown since ouou opened in 2007 have all played a part in the changes I've been busy stringing together while absent from the www scene.

Right now the biggest and best difference in our work and home routine is that Celeste has offered to manage my shop during these crucial spring months. Crucial because in my day job I'm part of a team putting the finishing touches on our store's new website, and I'm not able to devote the hours to my Etsy shop I could when Etsy was my full time, or even part time job. The website will be up in May, and in June I need to take a look at my business and see where its growth is taking me. These months are also crucial because this is the beginning of craft fair season in Portland, and I'm sure much of the US. In order to get ready, compile new artwork for sale, and run my wholesale business, I needed some reinforcement. My heroic sister kindly tipped her hat for the job.

So, that's just my quick return post. :)